The Cooala hub is the “center” for the clear presentation of all Cooala measured values. The central unit is simply connected to an HDMI television or monitor and automatically connects to the Cooalas:

  • No internet connection necessary!
  • Can be used directly.
  • When connecting a mouse or keyboard via USB ports, Cooalas can be freely renamed or consciously recalibrated or longer time windows can be displayed.
  • If the Cooala hub is connected to a LAN, the dashboard can be displayed with any browser in the school or company network.
  • Depending on the CO2 content, the corresponding displays are automatically highlighted with warning colors.

Typically, all Cooalas are clearly listed below or next to each other, so that trends can be seen directly:

One central can display more than 15 Cooalas:

The Cooalas can be named or calibrated individually using a keyboard and mouse.