Using the Cooala CO2-Alarms are child's play: Simply supply power using a USB power supply unit or power bank - done!
Please note that the use of the Cooala does not protect against infection by Corona or even removes the mask requirement! It is only one element in reducing the risk of infection as much as possible.

Installation site

Depending on where it is used, the Cooala can be set up or attached to the wall - or magnetic surfaces. Please ensure that you do not damage any electronic components when hanging.

It is recommended not to install the device in the direct vicinity of the windows or doors, as in this case the air quality can be assessed too optimistically. The device should be operated close to the locations used. The following months of the year are therefore particularly suitable:

  • side walls
  • On the blackboard
  • With power bank: on the table or teacher's desk

Effects from any plants in the room have not yet been determined.


The Cooala does not require any maintenance. In the delivery state, an automatic calibration is activated, which is particularly suitable for classrooms and office areas: Overnight - ie when the students and employees are absent - the normal CO2-Value of 400ppm automatically calibrated. In exceptional cases, the Cooala can be calibrated manually. To do this, it must be operated in the fresh air - ideally outdoors - for at least 20 minutes and then calibrated by pressing the setting button for 5 seconds or via the Cooala central unit.

The following limit values are set in the delivery status:

  • 400-700ppm: green.
  • 700-1200ppm: yellow.
  • 1200-1600ppm: red. According to the recommendation, airing should take place here at the latest.
  • 1600ppm and more: Flashing red.

safety instructions

The Cooala works with extra-low voltage (5V) and therefore does not pose a particular risk of electric shock, etc. if used correctly. However, please pay attention to the usual regulations to avoid accidents during assembly: The cable can represent a trip hazard, especially in office and classrooms . Please secure the device out of the reach of children.


In order to recycle electronic scrap, the Cooala can be correctly franked at the end of its service life BrainBoutique - Returns, Veilchenweg 45, 32107 Bad Salzuflen sent for disposal.

Coupling with the headquarters

If a Cooala central unit is also used: This automatically connects to all Cooalas within radio range. For larger areas of application, it may be necessary to use one or more WiFi repeaters. These are available in the accessories shop or from electronics dealers. In this case, please configure the repeater for the SSID - WiFi name - “Cooala”.

After power supply and connection to an HDMI monitor, the control center automatically shows the CO graphically2Values of all coupled sensors. Furthermore, the tabs on the lower screen can be used to switch to other perspectives using a keyboard or mouse connected to the USB port:

  • Diagram view of the collected CO2-Values of the day compared to the previous day
  • Adjustment of the limit values. Values that are changed here are automatically sent to the Cooalas within radio range.

Thanks to the automatic historization, it can be made credible at any time that the rooms are ventilated according to the recommendations and the CO2-Concentration has decreased accordingly.