Cooala - do-it-yourself kit


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Why not build it yourself as part of a project day or an AG? Get all the parts you need to build your own Cooala (“Design” Edition, other editions on request) from a single source! The firmware is already installed, but can alternatively be exchanged.

Illustrated instructions help to set up the Cooala correctly and put it into operation. Some manual skills and basic experience in using a soldering iron are required.

Scope of delivery:
- Electronic components
- Electric wire
- LED strips and aluminum profile with cover
- Casing
- Illustrated assembly instructions

What else do you need?
- Soldering iron & solder
- edge cutter
- Knife
- superglue

Assembling basic knowledge, it can be set up in approx. 1 hour. Of course, the self-made DIY Cooalas can also be used with the Cooala headquarters connect to get the air values of different rooms clearly at a glance. If there is a desire from several sides to receive more detailed teaching material on all aspects of CO2 measurement, the connection with aerosols or microcontrollers, this can also be made available in the future - please contact us!