The Cooala is available in several editions - for example Design edition, Kids edition or Retro. Technically, these are based on the same basis, only the housing shape differs.

Technical specifications

  • 14-segment CO2 display:
    • 400-700ppm: green.
    • 700-1200ppm: orange
    • 1200-1600ppm: red.
    • 1600ppm upwards: Flashing red.
    • 400ppm corresponds to two luminous dots, 1600ppm corresponds to 14 luminous dots, linearly scaled in between.
  • Power supply via 5V USB-A connector
  • Current consumption 50mA - 600mA - depending on the number of illuminated LEDs
  • Sensor lead time: Up to 3 minutes
  • Response time: T90 <120 s
  • Working temperature: 10 ~ 26 ℃
  • Humidity: 0 ~ 90% (without condensation)
  • Do not operate in direct sunlight or dusty environments.
  • Zero point calibration:
    • The sensors are calibrated to 400ppm during production. In addition, the “automatic calibration” is activated: For this it is necessary to operate the Cooalas continuously for more than 24 hours in the office / classroom. The lowest measured value is automatically calibrated as “400ppm” - this typically happens overnight when the office or classroom is not occupied and the CO2 content of the outside air has therefore adapted.
  • RoHS / CE compliant


The display unit can easily be attached to smooth surfaces using the removable acrylic adhesive dots provided. The sensor housing in the cable of the Design Edition can be placed inconspicuously, but the ventilation slots must remain free.

Alternatively - please contact us - the display bars can also be equipped with strong mini magnets and can then be simply and easily attached to magnetic surfaces.


Design Edition

  • Approx. 2m connection cable, sensor unit approximately in the middle.
  • Sensor box approx. 7cm x 4cm x 2xm
  • Length of display: Approx. 25cm.

Kids Edition / Retro Edition

  • Approx. 2m connection cable, sensor unit directly on display unit.
  • Sensor size: Approx. 10cm x 10cm x 2cm
  • Length of display: Approx. 25cm.