Zusätzlich zur Impfung - Cooala CO2-Alarm
In addition to vaccination - Cooala CO2 alarm
Once again we need to take all measures that will help us to bring the situation under control.
Sicher am Arbeitsplatz?
Safe in the workplace?
Aerosols seem to be a main way of transmitting corona. Masks alone do not seem to be enough ... The Cooala helps to think about ventilating in good time together!
Sicherheit für die Kunden
Security for customers
In order not to get into a lockdown so quickly in the future: The Cooala can help to reduce the risk of infection. A good feeling: not only for the customers, also for the industry reputation!
Lüften im Klassenzimmer
Ventilation in the classroom
How can you ensure proper ventilation in classrooms today? The measurement of the CO2 concentration gives a good indicator of the air quality and existing aerosols - and thus also potential Covid infection possibilities.
Eine saubere Arbeitsumgebung
A clean work environment
When and how much do I have to ventilate? Even a freshly disinfected room can be heavily aerosol contaminated within a short time. The Cooala makes this visible.

What is the Cooala?

The Cooala is an electronic CO2-Alarm - hence the name: COO-Ala-rm. Scientific studies suggest that the concentration of the dreaded corona aerosols in closed rooms increases very quickly to a worrying level - whether with or without a mask - and unfortunately vaccination does not offer perfect protection either.

At the same time, however, it was found out that the aerosol concentration is similar to the CO2-Concentration increase. Even if it is unfortunately not possible to “measure” Covid virus concentration directly and quickly today, the CO2-concentration may be determined easily and inexpensively.

This is where the idea for Cooalastems from: A simple, inexpensive and yet effective solution to reduce CO2 in classrooms, offices, buses or even in your own living room2-Concentration visible and pragmatic to remind you of the easiest way to reduce the virus and bacteria concentrations that may be too high: Burst ventilation!

Scientists specifically point out that only the so-called Cross ventilation effectively ensures that the accumulated pathogens are removed from the room as quickly as possible. Long “tilt” ventilation is by far not as effective. But what to do when it gets colder outside? Or loud? Or if the ventilation is simply forgotten?

The Cooala provides a powerful yet simple countermeasure: A display reminiscent of a thermometer permanently provides an intuitive indication of the current air quality: the “higher” the CO2Concentration, the higher the display bar rises - and even turns yellow and red when specific thresholds are reached - in fine gradations and therefore more informative than a CO2-Traffic light. Human intervention is required now: Open the windows and doors immediately!

Standard measuring devices offer - at a sometimes very high price! - only display unintuitive representations and are not suitable for everyday school or office life. We have set ourselves the goal of offering a simple and inexpensive solution that makes it easy for teachers, parents, bosses and employees to permanently remind them of appropriate air hygiene. This does not guarantee against infection with Corona - but it can help to greatly reduce the risk of infection.

Cooala in the chip crisis

Important NOTE: Unfortunately, we too have acute problems at the moment in obtaining sufficient quantities of the required precision CO2 sensors.
Unfortunately, there are only a limited number of Cooalas available for the rest of 2021. We ask for your understanding. Delivery takes place in the order in which the order is received.
We will notify you when the storage capacity is exhausted.

User feedback

After thorough tests by the Cooalas, the conference rooms have now been equipped in the second phase in order to be able to offer the employees a safe working environment.


The meeting rooms are now being equipped

"We get along very well with the Coolas. It is great that it is very easy to use. Our colleagues are happy with the device and react immediately to the color display. It was a sensible purchase in these extraordinary times." - And a few weeks ago the second order was delivered!
Finanzamt Mannheim-Neckarstadt

Tax office Mannheim-Neckarstadt

Ms. Reubold, Tax Office Mannheim-Neckarstadt

“The Cooalas are very popular [...]! The price-performance ratio is really great! The colleagues are always amazed at how quickly the lamp changes color if you don't have the window open all the time. Airing is obviously necessary even more often than every 20 minutes, depending on the classroom, strength and movement. "
Johann Holzapfel Schule

Johann Holzapfel School

A. Hensel, Johann Holzapfel School, Hückelhoven

31 Cooalas in the "Design" edition for all classrooms and specialist rooms.
Landheim Ammersee - Stiftung Landheim Schondorf am Ammersee

Landheim Ammersee - Landheim Schondorf am Ammersee Foundation

C. Kirsch (commercial management + project management Landheim 2025)


The CO2Values are displayed intuitively - no cryptic values. 14 levels are shown! In contrast to a simple traffic light, trends are easily visible here and countermeasures can be taken in good time.

Centrally manageable

With the optionally available Cooala Hub the measured values of all sensors can be controlled centrally. Even historical data is available!

Documented care

In cooperation with the Cooala Hub it can also be made visible in retrospect that the recommended measures for regular ventilation have been observed. If the worst comes to the worst, it can be shown that the maximum possible duty of care towards employees, students or visitors has been exercised.


Compared to alternative solutions, Cooala is cost-effective to install and operate. Nevertheless, it uses a high-precision CO2-Sensor to enable meaningful measurements.

Customizable limit values

The threshold values can be individually adjusted on request. This allows the individual deployment scenarios to be taken care of.

No Internet connection

We respect privacy! No internet connection is required for operation, Cooalas can be used directly. If desired, the data can be accessed directly via the Cooala Hub.

Made in Germany

Made with ❤ in Germany - more precisely in East Westphalia Lippe. On request, we can also provide you with individually adapted Cooala versions at short notice.

Intended use

Die CO2-Konzentration in Luft lässt sich hingegen einfach messen und gibt Hinweise nicht nur auf die Qualität der Raumluft sondern auch auf die Aerosol-Konzentration und damit auf ein mögliches Infektionsrisiko.

The CO2 concentration in the air, on the other hand, can be easily measured and provides information not only on indoor air quality but also on the suspected aerosol concentration and thus on a possible risk of Covid infection.

Desy research laboratory

Technical characteristics

Designs and properties

The Cooala is available in different versions:

The Design Edition the sensor is in a small box in the power cable. Only the approx. 25cm long aluminum display unit is visible. This can be integrated homogeneously in any school, office or private environment and still gives you the certainty that you are reminded of timely ventilation

to become.

The Kids Edition was specially developed for the elementary school sector, since the emotional aspect is also highly relevant here: The Cooala can be integrated directly into the day-to-day routine - the new mascot in difficult times!

In addition, the Retro Edition available: Here the Cooala is based on an analogue thermometer. The sensor unit is directly connected to the display unit. A simple wall mounting is immediately possible here.

All editions have in common: Immediately after connecting to a USB power supply unit or a power bank, the Cooala starts working:

  • Display of the CO2 concentration on a 14-element segment display.
  • Configurable warning values: As standard, the display turns yellow from 700ppm, red from 1200ppm - and, as a non-ignorable warning, flashes red from 1600ppm. These values are based on the recommendations from researchers.
  • Automatically coupled with the optional Cooala control center: This can be connected directly to an HDMI television or monitor and prominently displays the air quality of the individual measuring stations. In addition, the CO2 development over time can also be monitored from here in the form of a diagram - or, if required, the alarm values of all stations can even be adjusted.
  • About the Cooala Hub the measured values can be displayed retrospectively. This means that it can be made credible at any time that the ventilation recommendations have been complied with. This creates trust with parents, customers and the general public.

The main properties are summarized on the One-pager compiled, which can also be downloaded and printed out as a PDF.

Using the Cooala is very simple: The display unit can be attached directly to a smooth wall using pre-assembled acrylic adhesive dots. The power cable is connected to a USB power supply unit or power bank - done! See also the further technical information.

Where to get a Cooala?

Currently the Cooala in a pilot phase in selected facilities. If you would like to take part in the pilot and benefit from the low cost price, please order your copies in our shop. For larger quantities or special integration requirements please contact us directly.

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    Order now and take part in our pilot phase! We would be very happy to receive direct feedback from you on the use of the Cooala in your personal setup so that we can adapt it even better to various deployment scenarios. Click here for the feedback page.